Dealing With Two Week Wait (TWW) 7DPO today.

Two Week Wait

It’s hard. I could spend every minute to listing symptoms and obsessing whether I’m pregnant or I’m out this month. I’m only 7 dpo now, which mean I’m just halfway there. (*insert scream here : REALLY??)

But after my experience last month, this cycle I’m trying to be more careless. Like I won’t count every symptoms, and no, I won’t test until AF due. That’s the promise I made myself.

But however, today, I feel a little out of tune, I suddenly feel mellow and all I think is how not fair is it, when I want a baby so bad, it just feel so hard while the other seems to get it almost too easy?

My co-workers didn’t understand the struggle, easy for them, they got pregnant soon after they married, without even trying, and one of them just got pregnant the next month after married despite of her non regular cycle. Lucky bitch. Excuse my language, please.

But I know the saying, something you try so hard to get, you’ll treasure it more than who didn’t try at all. Looking at my friends yelling at their baby makes me feeling that a lot. I mean, how could you?

This time today too, I feel like I want to give up, like it’s pointless. To hope to hope and just to be down over and over again. I just praying that God will give me strength. And lucky me, I got a very caring husband who doesn’t fret every time I’m in bad mood. He always be there and asking what he could do to make me feel better. God bless him.

Now, because I want to deal with TWW, I do some browsing and I stumbled upon Two Week Wait Survival Tips, which is kinda a good idea to try. Post it after this 🙂


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