For those who don’t know, TTC is Trying To Conceive. And yes, I’m TTC now. Funny because I never thought I will, not this soon anyway.

It all started after my honeymoon, I feel a little sick, nauseous and all, and I think I was pregnant. But it turned out I didn’t. And I feel so sad and it makes me rethink what I wanted. I never wanted baby so fast, I always thought I want to enjoy my married life first. But those feeling kinda like my wake up call and that’s when I know I want a baby.

So, the next cycle (Sep-Okt 2014) is the first cycle in my TTC journey. Oh, I do all the deeds. BD, and lift up my feet, pay attention to my ovulation day, and in two week wait (the gap between Ovulation Day and period due) I feel a whole lot of new symptoms I never feel before. Cramps now and then when I usually just had cramps one day prior before AF (Aunt Flo = period) comes, my boobs was so sore, nausea, I was sure I’m pregnant!

I tested on 10 DPO, its BFN (Big Fat Negative). Then again on 12 DPO still BFN. And AF came a day early than I expected. Long story short, here I am, on a dreadful TWW. and this is my second cycle trying.


6 thoughts on “TTC!

      • Sara says:

        Actually it’s not a problem for me. I misspoke. I meant to say that I’m confused; you’ve been trying to conceive for 2-3 months and characterizing yourself as infertile. It’s disrespectful to those TTC for years. And I’d also like to point out that I don’t think you can quantify gratitude. I think those that didn’t struggle to conceive are just as grateful for their children as those who maybe did encounter some issues. It’s not for you to determine that.


      • First of all sweetie, Im not judge myself as infertile. I am trying to conceive and everyone starts somewhere. Even if it the first cycle trying, TTC is TTC for me. Idk about you. And maybe I’m wrong about “judging” the gratitude, but mind you, I didn’t say that to all people in general, I said it to my co workers, whom I know in real life, who talk to me everyday, and I know the way they talk to me and the way they talk about their baby. So, if you offended then I’m sorry.


  1. Sara, TTC is Trying to conceive. It does not have to mean you are infertile. That’s just ignorant to think so. Kiara is right, You have to start somewhere. A lot of women find out they are infertile through them trying to conceive. Most of the time a doctor won’t even consider you infertile until after a year of ttcing. It was very rude of you to say she was being disrespectful. I’ve been ttc for 9 months and I am infertile. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. So instead of being negative and rude, how about you just wish her the best and stay off her blog if you don’t like what you see.

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