What I Feel When I First Found Out


I was shaking, can’t belive my eyes. I expected BFN because all of the cramps. So I ran to my room woke my husband. So funny, didn’t seem surprised. Its like he knew it before I do.
After that, still shaking I posted the pic in Instagram for more confirmation. It still feel unreal for me, even now.
And after BFP, more pregnancy symptoms hit me. My boobs are sore like crazy. You know the sore boobs you had before AF and on TWW? Double it by a hundred. Yes, its that sore.
And I get hungry every two hours. Which is kinda funny,its a weird stomach empty feeling.


my BFP symptoms

what different this month :
1. I pray a lot more, having relationship with The Creator is total help.
2. I drink traditional drink I got from a midwife, its supposed to open up my cervix so sperm can enter easily, turned out I had “tight cervix opening”.
3. Got EWCM on fertile week, and no spotting like usual on O Day (I’ve had spotting on FW for the past 4 months).

the list of my symptoms :
1-5 dpo : nothing, just a little tired. nothing unusual.
6-7 dpo : slight pelvic pain, tired, gassy, super bloating (I do feel tired, bloating, and gassy every cycle so its not a major sign)
8 dpo : a tiny drop of red blood after BD.
9 dpo – 11 dpo : I feel like AF will be here any minute. constant cramps (dull ache) just like AF sign, last for 10 mins everytime. Still tired and gassy.
12 dpo : very emotional, boobs start to sore until its hurt when laying down and to touch. I feel out totally.
and I found a new pregnancy symptom : swollen gums and stuffy nose.
13 dpo : AF supposed to show today or tomorrow, wanna go to donate my blood, so I took a test, and yep, faint line. but its there. BFP I guess 🙂
14dpo : tested again. And another BFP 😄

Now I feel like I pee a lot, and the stomach cramps still there.