my BFP symptoms

what different this month :
1. I pray a lot more, having relationship with The Creator is total help.
2. I drink traditional drink I got from a midwife, its supposed to open up my cervix so sperm can enter easily, turned out I had “tight cervix opening”.
3. Got EWCM on fertile week, and no spotting like usual on O Day (I’ve had spotting on FW for the past 4 months).

the list of my symptoms :
1-5 dpo : nothing, just a little tired. nothing unusual.
6-7 dpo : slight pelvic pain, tired, gassy, super bloating (I do feel tired, bloating, and gassy every cycle so its not a major sign)
8 dpo : a tiny drop of red blood after BD.
9 dpo – 11 dpo : I feel like AF will be here any minute. constant cramps (dull ache) just like AF sign, last for 10 mins everytime. Still tired and gassy.
12 dpo : very emotional, boobs start to sore until its hurt when laying down and to touch. I feel out totally.
and I found a new pregnancy symptom : swollen gums and stuffy nose.
13 dpo : AF supposed to show today or tomorrow, wanna go to donate my blood, so I took a test, and yep, faint line. but its there. BFP I guess šŸ™‚
14dpo : tested again. And another BFP 😄

Now I feel like I pee a lot, and the stomach cramps still there.


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