Severe Morning Sickness


I haven’t update in long time, have I? Well, thats partly because I’m lazy and mostly because I do suffer from morning sickness. It all hit from week 6, and lets say hit the peak at week 8, and again, last weekend at week 10.
Start from thursday night I have vomit several times, and friday I got to the point where I can’t eat, whenever I eat, I vomit. Like every 30 mins, I’m not vomit when I pushed myself to sleep. I feel like a living dead literally. To keep me from dehydration, I forced myself to swallow a sip of water every 30 mins too.
On Saturday, I didn’t get any better so I went to a hospital and they hook an IV and I feel better already, I have to spend the night at hospital tho, and they let me go on Sunday afternoon after I insist I already feeling better.
Up until now I still take my nausea meds, still too afraid to not take them. But since it almost 12 weeks, I really hope my morning sickness will simmer down soon.